BitStarz is operated by Direx NV, which is the first Bitcoin casino that has no issue accepting BTC and EUR. It is a type of online casino that allows one to play Euro booming games with Bitcoins.

  • No charges in withdrawal
  • Considerably fewer deposits

Bitstarz casino review 2023

BitStarz is a gaming platform which offers best games in the casino industry. Bitstarz has one of the best collections of evolution gaming that are from top-notch software providers. Games developed by software providers like Betsoft Gaming, Booming Games, Vivo Gaming etc 

BitStarz is operated by Direx NV, which is the first Bitcoin casino that has no issue accepting BTC and EUR. It is a type of online casino that allows one to play Euro booming games with Bitcoins.

Is BitStarz Casino Legit?

BitStarz Casino is owned by Direx NV. It is a legit online casino like any other licensed cryptocurrency casino. BitsStarz lets you safely transfer BTC to Euros the legal way. Certain BitStarz games are not available in some of the jurisdictions.

What Is the Registration Process?

There are some attractions for the new players to join the platform in terms of deposit bonuses such as Deposit Bonuses. In order to complete the registration process, most of the online casinos require the players to deposit a certain amount of money. However, in the case of BitStarz, the registration process is completely free, so it attracts a larger number of players in comparison to other online players.

There is a bonus called the Introductory deposit bonus money, which involves 20 complimentary spins that a player gets after signing up. In just 5 BTC, players have the option to go for the welcome package. BitStarz’s welcome package is typically greater than packages of different platforms.

There are also different bonuses that people can avail upon getting registered with this platform like special additional benefits on certain days like Friday loyalty bonus and other deposit bonus codes.

Because of easy deposit options available in different forms like credit cards and various currencies and also because of fair withdrawal limits, BitStarz is a great platform to deal with. Also, it does not have any deposit bonus for using Bitcoin.

There are complimentary spins too, offered on the BitStarz website every Wednesday. With this, one still gets bonus winnings of up to 20 spins and with it, one can get more spins and additional number of bonuses.

Bonuses are doubled to have additional bonuses, so after using the first bonus that doubles itself, one can play different games at the BitStarz online for winning an additional number of bonuses. There is no scope of cheating, as only one person’s account is allowed for each IP address.

What Makes BitStarz the Best online Casino?

According to BitStarz casino review, it is a user-friendly website that has a good user interface and is compatible with desktops and cell phones, enabling users to play games without even downloading the games. It has a wide range of online gambling and other game selection such as Blackjack, and Slot. Along with this, it offers live chat support

There are many player reviews about the best online casinos that help to know about the casino’s authenticity, but there are hundreds of the best Bitcoin casinos online. While some of them use cryptocurrencies only as the mode of transaction, while some have both cryptocurrency and standard currency like USD as the mode of transaction.

However, there is a limitation attached to the letter that not all games can be played with cryptocurrencies, which makes game selection restricted to some cryptocurrencies only. So the best online casino games should have provisions for both crypto and standard currencies.

Exchanges of the currency should be available for the players in order to play the games easily. In the end, it’s great to provide players with chat and email support for impacting customer services.

What Makes BitStarz one of The Safest Online Casinos?

Based on several reviews of the platform, it has been said that its website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, which makes it the most secure crypto casino out of all other currencies of all the time. It does not hamper the player’s privacy and offers them anonymity and a high level of security SSL.

A player can register just with his/her email ID and after making a gaming account enjoy plenty of games at BitStarz like Texas Hold’em, European Roulette, Three card Poker etc

One fact about BitStarz is that it allows players to play cash games using BTC. The SSL security and encryption option and option to convert cryptocurrency to standard currency is available to players only on this platform. Its website covers a great amount of gambling games like table games and live casino games like BTC games, Table wars etc

BitStarz Has a Huge Collection 0f online casino Games to Play With!

Around 3000 games are there on the BitStarz website, so the players have a lot of options to choose from. There are free spin games to play too apart from the mainstream high credit games. If one chooses the right amount of spins, there are about 180 spins that a player can win.

Hassle Free Conversion of BTC to Euros

One can ecash their crypto deposits to cash. One of the ways of doing so is to convert BTC to Euros. As cryptocurrencies are not governed by the country’s laws, using them makes players able to play their favorite games using bitcoins from anywhere in the world.

Even if conversion is not necessary for playing the game, it could be necessary for conversion to actual fiat money because the major purpose of playing the game is to win the money and that should be in paper form rather than crypto form.


The most important key feature of BitStarz that is found is that it can be converted into standard money. Because of SSL technology, it is the safest to use because of the high security it provides to its players, it makes its customers build their trust on the website. There is a scope of excellent customer service too because of the chat options available.

According to the review, BitStarz online casino is the perfect online casino as offers the best user-friendly experience among all the other online gaming casinos and an exceptional gaming experience. The support agents are also well aware of providing the utmost service to the players. 

The players who have been playing on the site have a great experience to share and are pretty satisfied with the service and available banking options. The plethora of games available on the website also makes it exceptional among the other websites. Almost all the points have been covered, and we hope it’s helpful for you to actually think and make your choice before starting to play the game.


 1. Is BitStarz legal in all the countries of the world?

 BitStarz online casinos do not let people from all over the world play its games. Even though            it uses cryptocurrency, it has some boundary restrictions.

 2.  How can a player become VIP on BitStarz?

 A player can become a VIP only while creating the account by choosing the VIP bonus package when creating the gaming account and can be added to the VIP club.

 3. How can a player buy Bitcoin with BitStarz?

Simply click “Buy Crypto” to buy Bitcoins.

 4. What is the minimum amount to play a game on BitStarz?

$20 for most deposits for the standard money, 0.0001 BTC for Bitcoin.

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