How to Play Pai Gow Poker

If you want to learn how to play Pai Gow Poker, you have certainly come to the right place. Every Singaporean casino player will have quick access to know how to play this poker.

As a part of our online games’ suite, we have got the best poker game that is Pai Gow poker. It’s played for free. Users just need to click on the download link to get started with the game. Once you are confident about playing it on the free version, then you will go to the money-based mode too because it’s quite identical to the free version.

Here is the secret to learning poker as quickly as possible. Just have a game installed and running while You go through this piece of information.

How To Play?

One of the first things that you’ll get to know about pai gow poker is that it is also called double handed poker. Both the player and the dealer are given seven cards and the ranking of the Cards according to traditional poker only. The card must be divided into two separate hands, with one hand having five cards, and the other hand having the remaining two.

The whole point of this type of poker game is to make the two hands possible, the only rule is that the two-card hand cannot beat the five-card hand.

Only one opportunity is available to place the bet. You will quickly learn how different game controls operate. Once you start playing the online casino software, the game starts by clicking a new game button, and then it causes it to change to the deal button, but before starting the card deal, the bet should be placed.

It is quite a simple process as only one pet is to be made. You need to click on the desired chip amount and that will appear on the bet area of the table. If you desire to have a multiple bet, then click on a bet amount as many times you want to multiply your bet amount by.

Tips For Beginners

While playing your first is on the platform, you may decide to change your bets and this may lead you to click on clear bets to cancel your current bet, giving you the option to start over again after you are satisfied with your wager, and then you can click on the deal button and start dealing process.

After the cards have been dealt, there is a deal button that you will notice saying house way. Clicking on this button, the software will quickly arrange the cards in the best possible hand. The arrangement would be done in the same manner as a dealer would arrange in their hand, you need not click the house way button. If you wish to place cards in your own manner, and you can do that to do a certain front hand. If there is some kind of error while doing this, then the software will prompt you that you no longer can arrange the cards.

Use of the house way button is a great way to start learning the process of playing Pai Gow poker. It is because in that way you’ll get to know how the software arranges your hands, and you learn from that. After the hands are arranged, you just need to click done and dealer’s Hands are shown and the outcome of your but will be shown.

We are happy to give away a lot of information regarding Pai Gow Poker, and we hope that it provides you with some kind of excitement to download and play the game. In the future, you can go through the site and have information about the same. There are many other articles who would provide you the same information and help you know the game better, if you have the game installed on your computer then you would know the game in no time. Once you are comfortable with the free version, then you will definitely enjoy the real money play as well.


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