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As soon as you hear the word, Mahjong, you can practically hear the discarded tile hitting the board. No matter how popular this Game is in pop cultural representations, only a few people know how to play the Game. This article will give you a brief history and some basic information about the rules of Mahjong. 

History of Mahjong:

Mahjong is an ancient game that has been played for centuries since the Qing dynasty. However, this Game became popular worldwide in the 1900s and has become a favorite parlor game. This Game is still so popular that there are online mahjong games that are played in casinos across the world. This also makes it obvious that there is no single game version, and many versions can be played with the same Mahjong tiles. 

The history of Mahjong variations goes back a few hundred years to trace the actual origins of the Game. Depending on where you are looking for its history, you will develop a different understanding of the history of this Game. The most common narrative of this Game is that the Game originated in the days of the Sung dynasty, when ivory and wood-made matching tiles were used initially. However, the most popular versions played today are traced back to the late 19th century and early 20th century. 

The Basics:

The general rules that are now followed are the American rules for Mahjong. However, the basic Game is to arrange 14 tiles into four sets and one pair. The pair is known as a “Pung,” and the sets of 3 are known as “Chow” if they are of the same suit. It is a very intuitive game. Once you have observed it, you can play it very easily. 

The minimum number of players required to play Mahjong is four players on each table. The Game has a total of 136 tiles. There are 36 characters, 36 bamboos, and 36 circles used to make the different permutations and combinations to make the pairs and sets on the mahjong table. There are many other qualifications for bonus tiles. However, they are only sometimes used in every mahjong game. You will have to learn them as and when you try to play Mahjong. 

The goal of the Game: 

The season tiles are arranged in rows of 17 flower and season tiles across and two rows up. When you have four rows created together, they need to be arranged in a square shape. The players can either roll the dice or choose a same tile of the highest value to determine who will be the dealer. This will determine how the players will sit at a table for the Game to commence. The dealer will be the first to roll the dice and count the spaces they have to move forward. 

This is how the Game will begin, Mahjong. The rules may differ in different free online mahjong games. 

Online Mahjong tiles:

The Game is still very popular and is a great way for people to gamble in. This is why you will see them most commonly in casinos now too. However, like most other popular games, there are online versions of Mahjong. You can play Mahjong online whenever and wherever you feel like it. You can also increase your winnings whenever you want. 

They are also popular as mahjong slot machines. These are accessible and work well because Mahjong is ultimately about creating sequences only. Each spin will show you several mahjong tiles in different sequences. Different variations of which will help you win different prizes. These mahjong slot machine games are also available online to enjoy at home. They are highly addictive and give you a lot of winnings as well. 


These online mahjong games have made it easier for everyone to play the Game whenever they feel like it. You no longer have to rely on other people to play Mahjong. You can turn to your computers and start playing whenever you want. You do not always have to play against the computer. You can now enter real and live contests for Mahjong. In these cases, you will likely be betting and placing wagers. This is a common practice to ensure that you are playing to win and win big. 

No matter what version of Mahjong and how you like to play it, there is space for everyone in whatever format you want to play this ancient Game.

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