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Pachinko has almost become synonymous with Japanese culture even now. If you are in Japan, you will come across many pachinko parlors open to all. They are very inviting and exciting places for locals and tourists alike. Great music, quirky decor, and bright lights are everywhere in a pachinko parlor. This can seem odd to tourists. However, most tourists are very excited to visit these pachinko parlors. 

Pachinko parlors generate revenue of a few billion dollars each year. This game has become popular all over the world. While there are great pachinko parlors in Japan even today, there are great online versions of these pachinko parlors for you to enjoy wherever you are in the world. You can enjoy the culture of Japan right at home and on your phone. 

History of Pachinko

Pachinko is a very recent parlor game invented in the 1930s in Japan due to the popularity of the American game Corinth in Japan. The popularity of this game was transformed when it came to Japan. Today, the same game with a few variations is known as Pachinko. The game was first introduced in Nagoya in Japan and spread all over the country from there. We have been able to track the game’s history so easily only because it is such a recent phenomenon. 

The name “Pachinko” comes from the noise “Pachi Pachi.” This comes from the machines that are used to play the game. An interesting fact about the history of this game is that Japan banned it during the Second World War because the government needed to use any metal it could come across for its war efforts. Pachinko parlors are quite literally crawling with metal balls. They were taken for military purposes. The ban was lifted only after the war ended, and the game gained its popularity again in the 1980s, as its popularity increased simultaneously in the rest of the world. 


Basic Rules of the Game:

The basic understanding one can take to understand how pachinko works are by taking the example of a pinball machine. It stems from a similar concept. The game has a vertical board with a ball launcher and a controller for the launch. The board is filled with many gaps, pins, and a small hole in the center of the board. The aim is to launch the ball with strength, so it can move on the board without leaving it through that small hole. You will have to purchase several pachinko balls to play the game in these parlors. 

Each machine will have different values and mini-games built within itself. You will have to choose which ones you want to play at. There are many online versions of Pachinko for you to enjoy on the go. There are a lot of prizes for you to win when you play the different pachinko games in the parlor. This is why there are pachinko machines of different values in the parlor. 


Is Pachinko Legal?

While the government of Japan has banned gambling, pachinko parlors are not technically banned. This is because they are not exactly like gambling. The different machines have different values attached to them. This will help you win many tickets as and when you keep winning the game. There are different things that you can exchange these tickets for. This is why pachinko parlors are taken for gambling centers because these tickets can be exchanged for prizes or cash. However, pachinko parlors are perfectly legal and safe for you to go ahead and have a great time with your friends. 


Online Pachinko

It is only sometimes possible for you to go to a place physically. However, this means you can keep your winnings and fun open even if you cannot be there. This is why online Pachinko has become so popular. You can launch about 100 balls when you play through an online pachinko. You can change and increase your winnings according to the location in which you are. These values also keep changing with time as well. 


The possibilities of your winnings grow exponentially when you can take Pachinko online and play wherever you are. While it is an ancient game for you to enjoy, there are different versions and mini-games you can enjoy, whether you are playing in a physical pachinko parlor or an online pachinko game. 

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