How To Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game in popular in Asia and has recently gotten some serious popularity in the Western world as well. Due to the straightforward rules and sic bo game is simple dice game, more people from Singapore players are interested in it, whether it’s land-based casinos or Singaporean online casinos. Some sites have some kind of differences from the actual game, but rules remain the same.

Sic Bo Bets 

There is a wide range of options available for betting on standard Sic BO table. All these bets are classified into 6 major bet categories, with each category having its distinct betting odds and possibilities. The payouts from this bet category might have some difference from one casino game to another, some of the betting odds are presented here for the Sic Bo. Play sic bo online easily with us, also you can play many other casino games.

Any number

The Sic Bo betting option is based on the single number outcomes ranging from 1 to 6. If the next roll you come up with is at-least one correct number, you win a roll. Typical payout is 1:1 for one matched number, 2:1 for 2 matched numbers, and 3:1 in case you have 3 matched numbers.

Two dice combinations

When We have the two dice combinations of the same value from about three dice rolls, it’s called 2 dice combinations. The payout is around 8:1


Whenever the same number comes in all the 3 dice, Sic Bo has a payout every time. There are around 6 possible triple combinations : three 1s, three 2s, three 3s, three 4s, three 5s and three 6s. Any triple combination will have a payout of around 150:1.

Any triple

It is formed of any type of 6 triple combinations instead of some specific triple combinations.

Big/ Small

It is based on a total sum of three dice being small which covers small and big bets 4 to 10 or Big which is from 11 to 17. The normal payout for this type of Sic Bo is around 1:1.

Odd/ Even

It is based on a sum total of three days, which could have either side odd or even.

It is based on the same principle as Big/small, any kind of bet which is made on either odd or  even side would lose the wager if the rolled dice shows a triple.

How To Play sic bo?

Sic Bo casino games appear to be daunting in the start. It is quite confusing and complicated for some players in the beginning. But with time, they realize it’s a simple game of chance that definitely has a learning curve attached to it. It’s played with three dice roll, and the main goal of the player revolves around predicting the outcome of a particular dice roll. A Singaporean player can put multiple weights on Sic Bo tables, which revolve around bets of varying amounts. The necessity to memorize different odds is eliminated.

Payouts And Odds

The payouts on the platform are associated with some particular bet. Higher payouts resonate with the difficult odds. If the result of the rolled dice matches with the bet of the player, the player would win the game.

The Sic Bo Rules

The rules of the game are easy. The main goal of the player is to wager on the possible outcome of a particular dice roll. You start by picking a Chip size and placing the chosen chips on the particular area of a table that corresponds to the bet that you have chosen.

The cage is shaken by the croupier once the wager has been done on a particular dice roll. After that the three dice roll will be allowed to roll unless it stops.

Playing Sic Bo Online

If you register with an online casino, then you can please sic bo online. For joining the Sic Bo you need to make a deposit. The rules of the Sic bo online casino are very much similar to the land-based casino. In some instances, you might get better odds while playing Sic Bo online.

Sic Bo Strategy

An important fact to keep in mind, is that all the betting options have their respective house edge. It is the inherent measure of advantage over someone playing this game.

Best Sic Bo Strategy For Long Term

Players who plan to stay for a long time on the Sic Bo table, should go with the betting options of having the lowest house advantage. These options would give lower payouts than the other, but would definitely make the house remain low over the long period of time.

An Important Reminder 

One major mistake that Sic Bo players commit is that they fix it on a lot of patterns. For example, if the result of five successive spins is big and some other players are choosing for small, then this betting strategy would be based on five successive big wins and then followed by small. 

However, this is not the case, and you tend to lose your wager If you adopt this kind of betting strategy based on some untested notions. Therefore, it is important to remember that each rolled dice keeps itself independent of the other spins, and they are completely unrelated to each other. This means that the outcome of the next roll will not be affected by the result of the already rolled dice. 

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